Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Round Up

Wed 3 April 2007

First round up for April and I must start by apologising for being a bit slow out of the blocks the last week or so ...

A few bouquets and brickbats ... bouquets first.

Thai Cottage (Great George Street) serves some very mean Thai food and low prices! It's not glamorous (more Jino's in Headingley, than Thai Edge or Chaophraya) but it's cheap, portions generous and my, the laab is HOT. It only receives 2 out of 3 chillis on the menu, but it utterly defeated Andy and, while I scoffed it all, it made everything else seem even hotter. Andy's verdict that was my home-made laab was 'bloody hot but not this bloody hot'. If you know someone who needs some machismo beaten out of them this might be the place to go! We came out spending around £30 (including the requisite Singha beers).

Another hit, and less spicy, was Fuji Hiro, in the Merrion Centre. Again, huge portions of fresh, tasty noodles for around £7 a go. Between us we only needed one plate of noodles and one serve of gyoza! It's great for lunchtime or later at night because the service is efficient. The Asahi is cold and the miso has loads of soft tofu in it. Again - it's not glamorous but I'd much rather eat at Fuji Hiro than at any of the trendier, chain noodle bars you'll find around Greek Street.

Brickbats now ... and a big boo-hiss to Ha!Ha! Bar and Canteen on Millenium Square. The Yorkshire Evening Post recently published a voucher for 2-for-1 meals. We thought we'd take advantage - which is saying something because my previous HaHa experiences haven't been great (I found the one in Guildford the smokiest and most expensive bar in the town, and I've been unimpressed price-wise by the one in Leeds), and I wasn't overly excited by the menu. However, when we turned up last Thursday night it was closed for a private function - and looked more than three-quarters empty. I wouldn't have minded if it had been heaving but it wasn't - so surely the private party could have been accommodated in a private room or area? Their loss, my gain - as it was that disappointment that led me to Fuji Hiro.

A smaller boo-hiss to The Spice Bar, also in Millenium Square. Previously, I've been impressed by how ludicrously cheap the beer is ... but prices have risen, there are more people in the bar, and we waited a silly amount of time to be served while one of the staff was engaged serving shishas. They do seem to have introduced a reasonably priced cocktail list, and it does have slightly more buzz, so perhaps better for a night out rather than a quiet drink after work.

Easter is almost upon us ... so you should have done all your egg purchasing by now, but perhaps you haven't thought of how to entertain the kids. In which case, Hotel Chocolat will not only sell you any last minute purchases but also give you some ideas to entertain the children: the Niblingtons Easter Guide. I particularly like the idea of doing a chocolate tasting with any surplus eggs!

And finally ... a quick blog of the week ... Silverbrow on Food. More wordy than me and almost no pictures (hmmm, maybe a technique I should adopt). Enough said!

1. Thai Cottage, 39 Great George St, Leeds, LS1 3BB, phone: 0113 245 9224
2. Fuji Hiro,
Merrion Centre, 45, Wade Lane, Leeds, LS2 8NJ, phone: 0113 243 9184
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blog of the week? I'm flattered. Thanks very much. As for the words over photos, that might just change, given my new swanky camera. Having said that, the more I read other blogs the more I appreciate how appalling my photos are.

Good luck with the blog. I'd be interested to know any decent recs in Manchester - am there more often than Leeds, although I still haven't been to Anthony's. Really must sort that out asap.

11:54 pm  
Blogger Leigh said...

Hey - glad to see you exposing the baddies!Not been to Thai Cottage yet - but a BIG fan on Jino's in Headingley - Great food, cheap prices. All Good.

7:52 am  
Blogger Alex said...

I know it's pathetic but I've been to Manchester a whole once!!! I always think I should go over for a night out and never quite manage it.

Anthony's is very good - not a cheap night out and if you want to go on a Fri or Sat you do need to book well in advance, but mid week it's a bit easier, especially if it's for a small group.

I should have mentioned that the Jino's in Headingley is closed for maintenance/refurb until mid April - definitely worth checking up before heading there as I can't remember the exact date. Good excuse to go to Thai Cottage instead!

11:19 am  

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