Sunday, March 08, 2009

Round Up

Sun 08 March 2009

It's been ages since there's been a round up but it seems there's plenty of goings on in Leeds and it's mostly gloom and doom.

Good stuff first though!

If you're counting your pennies but still want to head out there are plenty of deals to be had - and, from what I've seen, plenty of places where you'll still need to make a reservation. Team Gopher has an exclusive Yo!Sushi discount available - 20% off your food at all times: what better way to ignore the credit crunch than eat a pile of sushi in the top floor of Harvey Nicks?

And now the bad ...

At the end of February it was announced that Jamie Oliver's Fifteen wasn't coming to Leeds after all - it had been planned for the Dark Arches and (of course) the 'economic climate' was a contributing factor in the decision.

@Larocca at Clarence Dock has closed its doors. On my first visit I was ambivalent and follow up visits did little to change my mind. The pizzas did seem to be pretty good (at one stage being rated by a work mate as 'better than brb') but on my last visit (at the end of January) I was horrified by my spaghetti carbonara. So transparently so that, after about two mouthfuls, my dining companion observed 'you don't like that, do you?'. On this occasion, we were charged twice for almost everything on the bill and I resolved that next time I'd be eating in the casino. @Larocca apparently covered 9000 square feet and was a £2 million enterprise: I think that this goes to show that bigger is not necessarily better and that money is better thrown at the kitchen than at the décor. I wonder if Mumtaz (due to open by Christmas soon) will fare any better ...

Floridita, the Cuban venue at the corner of Lower Briggate and The Calls has also shut its doors - before I managed to even visit (it only opened in November). The restaurant at The Ellington has also ceased trading - even after Jay Rayner's enthusiastic review last December. The boutique hotel remains open but under administration.

Still, it does look like something's happening at the old Felicini site on Albion Street, so hopefully there'll be some good news soon!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think mumtaz is a safe bet, it has cachet and at the very worst it will cannibalise other less good indian restaurants. I had dinner in their Bradford flagship a couple of weeks ago and it was heaving and very, very good.

Across the board, I hope people will vote with their stomachs and wallets and shut down the bottom 20%... there are plenty of vanity restaurants (you can't tell me the Ellington restaurant was a serious business proposition) that deserve a clear out

10:26 am  
Blogger Alex said...

The only trick with Mumtaz will be the location: Clarence Dock is still quite a long way off the beaten track.

And I totally agree with you about the vanity restaurants - it will be very interesting to see what goes!

1:16 pm  
Blogger Kenny said...

Dead right. @Larocca was truly abysmal. Shocked it lasted more than a few months.

9:00 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

Kenny - now we just have to wait & see what takes Larocca's place ...

8:55 pm  

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