Monday, March 23, 2009

More WSET News

Mon 23 March 2009

Apologies for the hiatus - I'm quite embarrassed that it's been almost two weeks since my last post ...

Rest assured, I have not been sitting on the sofa watching TV and even if I were to do that for the next fortnight I'd still have plenty of material!

Last Monday I had yet another early start as I was on the 0530 train to London hoping that acts of God would hold off so that I could actually complete the WSET Educator Programme. This time things went to plan and I spent three days at the WSET's HQ getting trained up in wine education and tasting some great wines. On the final day everyone in the class (seven of us) gave a presentation and conducted a tasting as our assessment. I chose German wine terms and drew Californian Zinfandel from the wine tasting lucky dip. Even luckier for me, the Zin I was given was the Seghesio I drank back in February! I'm pleased to say that I passed so I guess now all I need to do is the Diploma and I'll have the WSET full set ...

While in London I also squeezed in The Tasting Session's Generation XO night at the Sanderson Hotel - the night before my assessment! I might have been the only person at the event who was worried about having a clear head the next morning but I had a lovely meal and met lots of very friendly people and (perhaps most importantly) tried some great (and expensive) Cognacs. We started with Couvoisier and Hennessy XOs before moving on to the Courvoisier Initiale Extra and Hennessy Paradis Cognacs, and these were followed by some Ports from Quevedo. At this point, I went home - just as everyone else was going to be moving on to the Sherries and what promised to be a long night!

If anyone fancies spending plenty of money on me, the Courvoisier Initiale Extra was my favourite Cognac (only about £250 a bottle), followed by the Hennessy XO ...
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