Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Round Up

Wed 2 July 2008

July already! I've not done a round up for ages, so here's a quick reminder of the top five Eating Leeds posts at the moment ...

My visit to Napa and Felicini in the one night is still at the top of the list! I called into Felicini for Saturday lunch a couple of weekends ago and I'm pleased to say I'm still enjoying the restaurant. I had a red onion and goats cheese bruschetta followed by the very generously proportioned tiramisu. Not exotic Italian food by any stretch - but if you want a spot of reasonably priced lunch or dinner you can do far, far worse than Felicini!

Next comes Viva Cuba (city centre). This was October last year, but a work mate has visited recently and was similarly impressed.

Moving on to cooking, rather than eating, the simple almond cake from The Complete Traditional Cookery Book takes third place honours, followed by baked eggs. This is probably one of the dishes Andy and I have enjoyed the least but for some reason it enjoys a consistently high place in the popularity stakes.

And rounding off the top five is our trip to Kendell's Bistro, near the Playhouse. Again, I haven't been back since but I know quite a few people who have been more recently who are more than happy to rave about it (despite the anachronous and uncomfortable chairs!).

In other news around Leeds' restaurants ... Yo!Sushi is again offering a 50% discount, Mondays and Tuesdays only, until 19 August. As usual, you need to print out the voucher and pay careful attention to the terms and conditions. Loch Fyne is running the Dine with Wine promotion until the 30 September - 2 courses with a glass of wine for £11. We visited last summer and weren't impressed enough to go back and pay full price - so it's a good opportunity to see what you think!

Also, I've heard rumours that Leeds Seventeen, in Alwoodley, is to be hosting a Yorkshire themed tasting menu on 1 August, at £35 per person. Unfortunately, the website hasn't been updated with any information about this, so if you're interested it might be best to give them a call to find out details. In the meantime, the site does give details of the 'Tea Time Treat': 2 courses for £9 between 5 and 7 weekdays.

Finally - if you use Facebook you can now follow Eating Leeds' blog posts there: join our blog network! We know must have fans out there - so go on - get in touch!

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Blogger David Hall said...

You know, I read your posts and realise why I lived and loved in Leeds for 14 years. Good job I'm visiting next week!


12:49 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

Have a great trip! Do let me know where you end up eating!

12:15 pm  

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