Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Frivolity

Sun 22 June 2008

Such a shame it's not a Friday (purely for alliterative purposes) ... Nonetheless, it's been a busy day as Andy and I enjoyed yet another round of house moving - and an arrest right on our doorstep!

This means that I've only just settled down to read the paper and have a glass of wine. And there, on page 21 of the Observer, I spy the headline "Chip shops to display fat content".

After my shouty rant, all I could do was have a giggle.

The actual story is a little less ludicrous: "when asked where respondents would expect to see nutritional information for it to be most useful, 81% of people said they would like to see it at the point when they order food, such as on the menu in a restaurant, or visible when they are buying a sandwich or a muffin in a coffee shop or café". So, immediately to hand rather than in corporate printed or internet propaganda.

Let's face it - we all KNOW that a chip butty, a portion of fish and chips or a large muffin is bad for us. But in many cases, that large muffin will be bad for you not only because of the number of calories, but also because of the use of hydrogenated fats or high fructose corn syrup. And the fact that you've had a mayonnaise laden sandwich for lunch and fish and chips for your supper. The responsibility for what an individual chooses to eat lies with that individual. As with so many things, shouldn't we be aiming for education rather than legislation?

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