Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Left Overs

Mon 18 Feb 2008

We had a few bits and pieces left over from our kefta and egg ... the left over lamb mince went into making kofta kebabs, stuffed in pita with plenty of lettuce and tomato and some searingly hot habanero sauce. Mmmm. And we congratulated ourselves on how far that 90p worth of lamb mince actually went!

But we still had a tiny bit of left over tomato sauce, some chopped coriander and mint, some feta ... and, hating wastage, I wanted to combine as much of this as possible to produce a meal. We had some pork loin chops defrosted (yes, we're also trying to eat some of the stuff in our freezer!) and a plan was fermenting ...

I heated some olive oil and fried off the chops. With a good, hot pan they turned a lovely golden colour and cooked quickly. I mixed the left over tomato sauce with some of the mint and coriander as well as an extra clove of chopped garlic. I topped each chop with this and then covered with thin slices of feta cheese before finishing under the grill. Thanks to the quick searing and the gentle finishing the chops stayed moist and the mint, coriander and extra garlic perked up (not to mention padded out!) the tomato sauce. The feta added some salt and creaminess. It all came together really well - so well, that I'd actually make this from scratch, and not just to use up bits and pieces.

Served with sautéed potatoes and steamed carrots. A blindingly quick meal!

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