Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Thurs 27 Dec 2007

Although I've not got a shortage of things to write about, as it's the end of the year I'm going to indulge in some statistics.

This site averages just over 100 visitors per day ... but for some reason the numbers really drop off at the weekend. Is work really THAT dull?! Most visitors are from the UK although some people swing by from places as far afield (and as diverse) as Singapore, India, Taiwan, Argentina and the Bahamas!

Unsurprisingly, most people hit the front page, but the current top five articles are (in order):
  1. a recipe for sausage and bean casserole
  2. the joint review of Napa in Roundhay and Felicini in the city centre
  3. a recipe for baked eggs
  4. (festively) a recipe for turkey roll
  5. a review of La Tasca in the city centre
I might aim to do one of these 'Top Five' lists every month ... but then I've got lots of plans for the site in 2008 ... let's see how many come to fruition!
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Blogger Ros said...

I've noticed that dip in visitors at the weekend too. For a while, when I had more spare time, I'd deliberately save my rubbish posts for the weekend, then post the better ones on Monday.

10:39 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

That sounds far too organised!

8:37 pm  

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