Saturday, December 08, 2007

Las Iguanas

Fri 7 Dec 2007

Last night we had our work Christmas night out. The event started with a late lunch at Las Iguanas, down by the Corn Exchange. I'd never been before and had heard various things (both good and bad) about the restaurant. We were having the Christmas lunch deal (£14.95 a head for three courses) and I was hoping that it would be as successful as last year's trip to (the now defunct) Cactus Lounge.

In short, yes, it was. And the single thing that really stood out (and could have really ruined our meal) was the fantastic service. We had a table for 18 (no mean feat in itself) and, although we had pre-ordered, we had a number of people stuck at work for varying amounts of time. The staff were brilliant, as they allowed us a 20 minute wait to see who would turn up, then they agreed to serve starters for those that were present, then they managed to get 2 starters out very quickly when two latecomers arrived, and finally brought all three courses out at once for someone who arrived about half an hour before we left.

Were we the customers from hell? No doubt, yes. Was the restaurant busy with plenty of other large tables causing less trouble? Absolutely. And the staff kept their composure and good humour no matter how many requests I threw at them. I was very impressed.

And the food was pretty good too. The steaks were cooked to order, the chicken enchilada was very tasty and the desserts were all scoffed down. And cocktails were on 2-for-1 all afternoon.

I'll be heading back in the New Year to sample the full menu.

1. Las Iguanas, Cloth Hall Street, Leeds, LS1 2HD, phone: 0113 243 9533.
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