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Thurs 8 Nov 2007

Every now and then, someone at work decides we're not being sociable enough and tries to round up people for a couple of beers after work, a drink at lunch, or even some food. It's a sad indictment on us that it usually fails.

I guess the planets have been lined up amazingly auspiciously this week, as yesterday we managed a quick drink at The Grove and today we went for pizzas at brb on Call Lane. We were inspired because, on a Thursday lunch, brb offers a pizza and a drink for £5.50.

The pizza menu offers about 8 different types of pizza (and yes, vegetarians are well catered for), in two sizes: 6" or 12". I thought the lunch deal would be for the 6": it's not and I don't think I'll need to eat for a week! The drink side of the deal is less impressive: Fosters, John Smiths, a house red or white, or a soft drink. I opted for the red wine: a rather light, fruity, non descript number (and that's not the remnants of my cold talking). For the price (essentially free), you can't argue ...

The pizzas were an entirely different ball game. The main dining room features a big pizza oven so you can watch your food being made. My pizza, cappriccioso, was 12" of light, thin, crispy, bubbly base smothered with artichokes, rosemary, black olives, ham and mushrooms. It smelled fantastic and tasted delicious. Other selections looked just as good and included fiorentina (spinach, egg), biana (ricotta, roast squash), americana (pepperoni) and crispy duck (with hoisin sauce). Only one plate had any food left on it at all by the time we were finished.

As you want (or rather, need) for a weekday lunch, the turn around was swift and we left full and happy. So much so, that we've decided we really should go out for lunch more often ...

1. brb, 37 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 6DT, phone: 0113 243 0315

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