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Bar t'at

Sat 21 April 2007

The weather is firming up and I thought it would be a good idea to get out of Leeds and go for a walk. Because Andy is less enthusiastic about these things than me I thought I'd bribe him with pubs and purchased Pocket Pub Walks West Yorkshire.

So, we set off to Ilkley on the train and found the start of our walk quite easily. Up a massive hill. Someone at work has informed me that he always drives up to the first car park. It would have been nice to know that in advance! So the walk was somewhat curtailed but we still managed to work up a bit of an appetite before we landed at the Bar T'At. It's run by the same group as Arcadia in Headingley, so we knew if nothing else we'd get a good pint of beer!

The Bar T'At serves lunch from midday to 2:30 - and they do actually stick to this: we walked in at about 2:25 and our order was the kitchen's last! Andy opted for a Moroccan sausage sandwich with lime and chilli mayonnaise and I chose the felafel salad. The food is all around the £6-7 mark with the main courses costing slightly more. It was a pint of Warsteiner for Andy and, for me, a Moorland George's Cross, which was absolutely delicious. There was a fair bit of chaos behind the bar: I think one of the staff was new and every time she touched the register something went 'bing'!, but our order went to the kitchen and we got our beers. We managed to get a table outside, a big pile of newspapers and we enjoyed our beers before the food arrived.

Andy felt his sandwich could have done with something additional to the sausage. While the brown bread came in huge slabs and there was a bit of side salad, the sandwich itself was a bit lacking. The mayonnaise had a good flavour but was a bit on the runny side. My felafel salad was much more of a success. The felafels had a good flavour and a nice, coarse texture, rather than being pasty. The mint dressing was a bit indifferent but the warm felafels hidden in amongst the salad worked really well.

For £17 for two generous lunches and 2 beers we were more than happy. If you've been out wandering the moors, or simply dodging the 4x4s in the town centre, Bar T'At provides good beers with sensibly priced food.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to really like Bar t'at but on our latest visits, we've felt it a little lacking. A couple of years ago, the beer was excellent and the food amazing. Now though, the beer is excellent and the food lacklustre.

On our last visit, my steak and ale pie was a shrivelled overcooked lump and Hannah's sandwich was, like yours, a bit lacking.

It's a shame because I have the utmost respect for what Market Town Taverns are trying to do with their brand, it's only a good thing for the beer lovers amongst us. More concentration on the food is needed though I think.

6:45 am  
Blogger The Yorkshire Foodie said...

Now you would have seen what will be Yorkshire Deli from the back of Bar T'at Alex!
Locally the reputation has waned a bit recently but I still believe its the best pub in Ilkley and the food is of a reasonable enough standard generally.

8:40 am  
Blogger Alex said...

If it's not just me, it sounds like the Bar T'At really needs to pick up its food game. I think the prices are quite reasonable and it wouldn't take a lot to tip the scales either way ...

12:16 pm  

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