Monday, March 19, 2007

Round Up

Mon 19 Mar 2007

I feel like I'm running late with my round up ... I've got a lot to post about so it would have been good to get this out the way last week.

Still, we've had a quick jaunt around a few bars not previously mentioned on Eating Leeds before. First off the blocks is Jake's Bar & Grill on Call Lane. We only stopped in for a beer and I was sufficiently unimpressed when I was given a dirty glass to go with my bottle of Cusquena. It was late afternoon and the bar wasn't very busy but for some reason the few patrons were battered with overly loud music. We only stayed for one drink but, in the name of research, will probably head back and check out the food at some point.

More successful (we were there for longer) was our trip south of the river, to the Cross Keys. I was very happy drinking Black Rose stout from E&S and there's a good selection of draught and bottled beers to keep all types of beer drinkers happy. The menu looked tempting too (though I'm not sure how much respect I have when asparagus appears at the tail end of winter ...) and Sunday lunch will set you back about £15 for three courses. I imagine I'll be sampling the food at the Cross Keys before I make it back to Jake's.

Prize for the most expensive beer in Leeds (previously held by Ha!Ha! charging £3.30 for a pint of Red Stripe) goes to The Waterhole on Great George Street. Newly re-opened, they are charging £3.45 for a pint of Staropramen. I quite liked it in there, but I think the overly loud band was a mistake and the drinks are ridiculously expensive. As my dad said - you don't get stung twice - so I'm not sure I'll be rushing back for the food.

On the food front, I spotted an Organic Cayenne Chocolate from Plamil Foods. Since I'm such a big fan of Montezuma's Chilli Chocolate I had to try it. I was a bit disappointed, as the cayenne is far too overwhelming: at first it tastes like chocolate, and then you get hit with a blast of super hot cayenne. Back to Montezuma's for a while for me!

Following on from my green tea sampling last week, I raided a colleague's drawer and tried Qi (organic, fairtrade) White Tea. White tea is a step up in the goodness factor from gren tea, and I'm pleased to report that it's more than palatable. It tastes very much like green tea - so if you already like green tea but want even more antioxidant goodness give white tea a go!

And finally, a blog of the week. Lucy's Kitchen Notebook is one that I'd tagged ages ago but visit rarely. More beautiful photographs from a French blogger (you'd think I never read these blogs, just look at the pictures!), and more descriptive than recipe focused but you'll still leave hungry!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been drinking white tea for a little while now and find it very refreshing. At work I don't seem to crave coffee, so that must be good. Hopefully it is having some other beneficial effects too.

11:42 am  
Blogger Alex said...

I can't say I crave coffee at work but we just have a cafetiere which always seems to be full and hot!

12:22 pm  

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