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Sun 14 Jan 2007

I happen to really enjoy going out for breakfast. I'm not sure why, as invariably I'm quite disappointed by the food, but perhaps because it is just so decadent and so the type of thing you would only consider doing on a Sunday. Perhaps it's also because it reminds me of being at home in Adelaide and having late brunches at places like East Terrace Continental or the now defunct Ruby's. Or perhaps it's because I'm lazy and sometimes I like a breakfast that arrives with no effort from me and no fuss about what is or isn't in the kitchen.

Way back in February we breakfasted at the Eastgate Cafe, now named Bolero but the same in all other respects. And since then we've been a bit slack at eating breakfast out ... until Sunday.

I had acquired a voucher for a cheap smoked salmon bagel and so we headed to Bagel Nash in the Light. By spending £8.74 (yes, I think that's a lot for two people for a not overly complicated breakfast) we ended up with one reduced price smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel, one bacon and scrambled egg bagel, one cafe latte and one tea.

Unlike some of the other Bagel Nashes in Leeds the one in the Light doesn't really have any indoor seating - you sit out in the Light's atrium, which is not unpleasant. However, since we were armed with the newspaper we did find the table a little small and the conditions somewhat cramped. In winter you should also make sure you sit in the part outside the shop, as around the corner you're a bit too close to one of the main entrances and you get something of a cool breeze.

The food was all good - Andy was happy with his bagel, I was happy with mine and (even more remarkably) I was happy with my coffee. The person who served us was a little ferocious for a Sunday morning (a smile and a slighly easier going approach wouldn't have killed her, I'm sure), and we didn't get a receipt, which always makes me worry when I'm paying for food upfront.

We both agreed that while there was nothing wrong with the food we wouldn't be heading back for breakfast - it's just not that kind of place. As Andy said - had we been a little more comfortable he wouldn't have minded ordering another couple of drinks.

While there are plenty of places to have breakfast in Leeds (and yes, I do have a list) - are there any places that should be at the top or the bottom, or are there any new places that you'd like us to try out?

Drop an email to breakfast at eatingleeds dot co dot uk and we'll make a more concerted effort to be decadent!

1. Bagel Nash, The Light, The Headrow, Leeds, LS1 8TL, phone: 0113 2454519

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Blogger sourrain said...

it's really bad,but my sin for sunday breakfasts is McDonalds'.Pretty good, value for money and huge tables to lay out the trash sunday newspaper that I read

By the way, do you realize not many people eat out for breakfast in Leeds?I love breakfasts on weekends,but do find it hard to find a pleasant place to dine on a Sunday morning

Otherwise,I'd do an early brunch at chaophraya, which is extremely good at £7 pp.

Alternatively, excellent place for dim sum in leeds (dim sum is originally a breakfast meal) is opposite Ritcher sounds, I go there all the time.The english menu lists like 5 dimsum out of the 50 they serve,so be sure to ask the friendly maitre'd for some recommendations!

2:18 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

Hi Sourrain - I think the restaurant you mean is Tong Palace, right? It's on the list so I'll make sure we go for dim sum rather than a big sit down dinner! And I'll make sure I take along a friend of mine who's originally from Hong Kong!

12:58 pm  

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