Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blog Notes

Tues 23 Jan 2007

Just a few snippets about blogs and offers to keep you going ...

Over at Spittoon, Andrew is hosting the monthly Combinations event - and the exercise involves matching a wine with baked eggs. Baked eggs is something I keep on thinking about doing (much like shirred eggs) - but eggs always seem to end up in cakes, pastry and biscuits around me! Although Andrew looks like he's started his round-up I'm hoping that if I manage to post entry he'll include me as a late entry!

I might not as it's a busy weekend in Leeds. Every restaurant seems to be tempting you to break any kind of New Year's Resolution ... which is fortunate because I don't do resolutions but I do like eating cheaply ... on Friday night we'll be taking advantage of Room's winter promotion, and now we've also got plans to scoff some subsidised sushi, with YoSushi's 50% discount promotion too!

We'll also be sausage making (this time, we're going easy on the sherry), and watching the progress of the Yorkshire Deli - the big question being ... when do they open?!

And if you're into French cooking, or just food/cooking in general, then The French Cooking Board is worth a look!
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