Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fish Cocktail

Mon 19 June 2006

Leeds' events website new2leeds hosted a 'Sushi Session' at the Park Plaza's Chino Latino, allowing a small group to learn about, make and eat sushi. I really had no idea what to expect - I've never been to Chino Latino before and while a few new2leeds' events have caught my eye I hadn't yet made it along to any.

The evening began in Chino Latino's very funky bar area, with a glass of wine and introductions. There were 13 of us in total: a mixture of couples, friends and people who had arrived alone. Everyone got chatting before being taken through to the restaurant area where we had our own chef and a large table for everyone to sit around. It was a casual enough environment to allow the conversation to keep on flowing, but our chef was also very entertaining so most of us were paying close attention - especially when we found out we'd be making our own sushi later in the evening!

Our chef took us through some different types of sushi - principally nigiri (the fish on rice) and maki (the little rolls). He made it all look very simple and it was all very tasty too! A constant stream of sushi came from the chef's direction, and once we had all sampled the sushi of our choice, professionally made, it was our turn to wield the knife.

We all took turns making a variety of sushi, and playing with the very sharp, very light knife, with varying degrees of success. It was quite deceptive - as the nigiri looked easy but is, apparently, the most difficult to make, whereas the maki (which I made) was a lot easier than I expected!

Mid-way through our sushi making exercise we were presented with a variety of cocktails - down my end of the table we were busy swapping them and comparing notes: the cocktail menu at Chino Latino is quite unusual and the drinks all look very distinctive - and watch out for super hot chilli cocktails!

At the end of the sushi making the chef presented a prize to the best sushi maker and then we moved back through to the bar, where the restaurant had laid on a spread of various starters - including some delicious inside out chicken wings, spicy fried squid, tempura, more sushi and edamame (soy beans) in black bean sauce. All of this food was delicious, and rounded off a very successful and interesting evening.

Chino Latino? Definitely on the Eating Leeds list! And I'll be keeping my eye on forth coming new2leeds' events!

Chino Latino is the restaurant in the Park Plaza Hotel on Boar Lane (opposite the train station), phone 0113 380 4080.

new2leeds runs a variety of events, including a wine club and a monthly event at BedRoom. Details, booking and a mailing list are all found at the website.
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