Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Slashfood's Steak Day

While it's been a pretty manic couple of weeks foodwise (and the blog has suffered accordingly) the matter of greatest immediate import is Slashfood's Steak Day - today, Tuesday 30 May.

Since we in the UK enjoyed a bank holiday yesterday, eatingLeeds duly took the opportunity to overindulge in some protein ...

Mon 29 May 2006

Actually, sorting ourselves out for the steak day started on Saturday, when we took a visit to the Leeds Market to source some ... steak. Was it going to be rump, sirloin, fillet (OK - not likely) or T-bone? Rump was pretty much in the lead all morning, except for a brief moment where it looked like the only meat we were going to find in a piece was sirloin.

This is crucial. As a rule, even in the market, the pre-cut steak is so thin you could read your paper through it (as my father would say). This is probably cracking if you have some kind of horror of blood (and flavour and succulence) but no good if you're keen on sinking your fangs into a fabulous juicy piece of meat.

We bought a monstrous piece of meat (a good 2 inches thick) which set us back a whole £5. And looked fabulous too! Please note the waiter's friend for scale!

We'd been pondering the issue of what to do with our piece of meat for quite a while (prior to its purchase, which is normally setting oneself up for failure) ... in the end we opted for the smashingly simple option of 'fry it'. I made myself some garlic butter but other than that, it was unadorned by anything other than a pile of delicious vegetables ... roast potatoes with paprika, roast carrots, steamed green beans and English asparagus - blanched, and then grilled in the steak pan. Washed down with beer (Staropramen).

Yes - it was good. And yes, I did splash this photo around the office this afternoon ...

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