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No ... not the great Australian band but the sauce that goes on pudding ...

Fri 31 March 2006

I've never been a huge custard fan ... most people who know me will know that I screw my nose up at it and never have it. Because I don't eat it ... I don't cook it ... in fact, I've never made custard except when I've made ice cream (which I do like, but I'm extremely picky).

However, earlier in the week I'd announced that I was going to make an apple crumble. Andy responded to this with 'Do we get custard?' so I just had to conquer my fear ...

People tend to make quite a performance out of custard and use the alleged complexity as an excuse to use packet stuff. I hate packet anything almost as much as I hate low-fat anything, so that just wasn't an option (that, and the fact my mother would have disowned me).

I trawled around for a recipe that didn't look too complicated and hit upon James Tanner's very easy little number. Because I already knew the crumble was somewhat overspiced I proceeded as follows:

Beat 2 eggs with 55 g of caster sugar in a heat proof bowl. In a milk pan, heat half a pint of milk to just on boiling. Remove the milk from the heat and pour into the bowl, beating all the time. Return the mix to the milk pan and return to the heat (lower, obviously), and keep whisking until it's thick enough for you.

Wow! That's complicated, isn't it? The whole process took about 15 minutes, nothing split or curdled - it was a doddle! The cool thing about custard recipes is that you can infuse your milk and custard with just about anything ... a vanilla bean, a stick of cinnamon, some cloves ... whatever takes your fancy. I'm looking forward to experimenting with some other custard recipes I spotted that involve combinations of milk and cream or egg yolks only.

And the best thing? It tasted fantastic!
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