Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Beery News

Wed 19 April 2006

The World Beer Cup 2006 has been announced ... I was a bit sceptical (I thought 'world' might mean USA and Canada ...) but the list of winners does make some interesting reading ... here are my personal highlights ...

Category 4 - American Style Wheat Beer - the gold goes to the Cascade Blonde Lager - an Australian beer - hooray! Cascade is a pretty popular drink back at home in Adelaide and their home brew kits are also sought after amongst home brewing enthusiasts (that would be my dad!).

Category 9 - Coffee Flavoured Beer - gold goes to an English beer - the Meantime Coffee from the Meantime Brewing Company in Greenwich. It looks like it's a bit hard to get hold of north of the M25 though ...

Category 11 - Specialty Honey Lager or Ale - gold goes to another Australian beer - Redoak's Honey Ale, from Sydney - but this looks to be a beer that doesn't make it past the east coast cities ...

Category 41 - French-Belgian Style Saison - Matilda Bay Brewing's Barking Duck from Fremantle took bronze.

Category 49 - English Style Summer Ale - honours were taken by Yorkshire's (and Knaresborough's) very own Rooster's with their Yorkshire Pale Ale, with an Australian beer (James Squires) coming in third!

I thought it quite interesting that Hoegaarden won the Belgian Style Wheat Beer category ... I certainly don't think that it's the best Belgian wheat beer I've ever come across ...

It was good to see an obviously strong international contingent competing and winning, and it's also good to see that there is a pretty vibrant microbrewing industry in the States. My experience of beer in America was that, as a rule, it was pretty bad - until you found a pub associated with a microbrewery ... so the number of small American breweries on this list must be a good sign for American beer drinkers.

As an addendum for my entry on hot cross buns I should point out the recipe is basically Elizabeth David's spice bun recipe, although undoubtedly with a few alterations here and there!
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