Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wet in Weetwood

Sat 25 March 2006

Inspired by my recent purchase of a walking book and Explorer map we set out to sample the joys of the Meanwood Valley Trail, which I recommend quite highly. Given Friday's rain it was quite soggy (muddy) in many parts, and we also got lost (don't ask how you manage that - I maintain it wasn't having enough maps!). This meant that we turned up at the Stables Pub a little bit damp but ready nonetheless to enjoy a well earned snack.

There's nothing hugely exciting about the fare here - a Yorkshire ham and mustard sandwich, served with salad and crisps (apparently the ham was very good) and a steamed chocolate pudding, served with custard (which I personally could have done without) and mango and raspberry coulis. The pudding was OK (more so given I was a bit wet and knackered). What was really impressive was that there was some kind of stuff up in the kitchen which meant our food was rather delayed. Before I even got the opportunity to start asking questions (complaining) one of the staff was at our table, apologising, and offering free drinks. I was impressed!

The pub is a Copper Dragon pub, but I very naughtily indulged in some Taylor's Landlord, which is one of my favourite beers and drunk at all available opportunities. It was well kept and very tasty! For lager lovers there is not so much on offer - Carlsberg Export or Extra Cold really.

The real excitement of the weekend was the fact that I won (woohoo!) the weekly beer reviewing competition in the Yorkshire Evening Post. My review of Baltika, from Russia, scored me the glory of having my name in print AND 12 mixed beers from Beeritz in Headingley! Go me! So there should be some exciting beer commentary forthcoming!
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Blogger Richard Atkinson said...

Congrats on the Yorkshire Evening Post effort. Enjoy the winnings.

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