Wednesday, March 08, 2006


In the excitement of moving and whatnot I’ve left out a bit of product news that should be mentioned.

For a start I’ve decided that each week I’m entitled to a treat from the Harvey Nicks’ food hall … I started last weekend by buying some of their in-house loose tea (English breakfast of course). Not a particularly indulgent purchase, since I actually needed some and not likely to be reviewed until this weekend.

Much more excitingly was the discovery of Montezuma Chocolate. I purchased an emperor bar of dark chocolate and chilli (a whole £1.99 in the organic food shop) – if this sounds good to you – trust me, it is – go out and buy one now! I’ve got big plans for using this stuff in cooking – I’ve got a great chocolate brownie recipe which includes a red chilli but I figure with Montezuma’s effort I can include this extra bit of spice in just about everything. It’s probably fantastic for making mole.

Not quite as exciting was the arrival on Monday of my order from Hotel Chocolat. I ordered a selection of end of season bin ends dark chocolates which are certainly very tasty but just nowhere as exciting as the Montezuma stuff!

Coming up … we have Plush tomorrow night, a new treat from Harvey Nicks, and afternoon tea at Anthony’s at Flannels. In addition to this, I’ll be revisiting the salt crusted prawns and incorporating the new dish into Saturday dinner.

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