Monday, March 27, 2006

More excitement!

Sun 26 March 2006

North Bar has been named the best place to drink in Britain, thanks to the Observer Food Monthly awards. Hooray!

North started its Belgian Beer (sorry, 'Bier') Festival yesterday so now there's an even more mind boggling array to try ... but I celebrated in style with one or two (or three, can't remember) Coopers Sparklings ...

It was very interesting to watch a whole new set of punters wander through North's door yesterday afternoon. It looked suspiciously as though a lot of people had read about the bar in their Sunday morning paper and decided to pop in after a bit of shopping - I wonder why. I think some of these people were expecting something altogether different - some left as soon as they came and other groups sat down and enjoyed a glass of wine before leaving. We had a good giggle into our beers!
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