Thursday, February 16, 2006

How much does this hobby cost?

Thurs 16 Feb 2006

An item on slashfood this morning suggested that Britons are likely to spend over £300 each eating out in the coming year. It didn't reference a source but it did set me wondering about this figure, which seemed pretty low. A really flash meal out is easily £100+ per person and a 'nice' meal out you're looking at at least £50 per person ... or is that just me?! I decided not to try to think about how much I've personally spent eating out this year (and I certainly won't be keeping track in some kind of depressing experiment!). I have, however, invested a few moments in having a google ...

Figures published in August 2005 by IGD suggest that we're looking at just under £571 each ... probably a bit more like it ... and figures published by the British Nutrition Foundation for the same period are roughly the same. But somehow, the Daily Mirror came up with £1250 each (based on about £25 a week, figures from Mintel).

Maybe I should be keeping track of how much I'm spending ...
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever you do, don't try to work out how much you spend. you will only get depressed and fruitlessly attempt to budget on eating out and get even more depressed from the withdrawal symptoms.

12:04 pm  

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