Saturday, November 08, 2008

Round Up

Sat 08 Nov 2008

It's been a while since we've taken a quick tour around the Leeds' restaurant and bar scene ... so here goes!

Closures: both Nick's Brasserie on Dock Street and Battered at Brewery Wharf have fallen by the wayside. I always suspected that Battered might have been on a bit of a hiding to nothing selling scraps for something like £2 a pop!

Openings: Floridita has taken over from where Break for the Border left off.

The big news has been that earlier this week Carlsberg announced plans to close the historic Tetley's site in Leeds. The brewery, founded in 1822, won't be closing until 2011, but (unsurprisingly) there's already a fair degree of outrage. And not just from me! CAMRA's not happy and neither are some MPs. In a move typical of large corporations, Carlsberg is going to move production of Tetley's to Northampton. Clearly whoever makes the decisions at Carlsberg doesn't understand that one of the most important aspects of brewing is the water. If you're brewing in Northampton, you're not using Leeds water and you won't be producing Tetley's.

I know that many people aren't huge fans of Tetley's (and I know it travels badly and can be temperamental) but if you get an opportunity - have a pint while it's still brewed in Leeds!

And if you want to hit Carlsberg where it hurts, the other beers in the portfolio are: Carlsberg, Carlsberg Extra Cold, Tuborg, Carlsberg Export, Holsten Pils, Birra Poretti, Becks, Corona Extra, Budweiser (not the real Budvar!), San Miguel, Miller Genuine Draft, Carlsberg Special Brew, a frightening array of bitters, Guinness, and in the cider department, Magners, Olde English and Strongbow. All the details can be found on the Carlsberg trade site.

But let's finish on a positive note! There are rumours that a new Leeds Brewery pub is opening soon ... while Simpson's, on Dock Street, will be hosting a Christmas wine tasting in conjunction with the Malmaison.
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Blogger rich (them apples) said...

Tetleys leaving Leeds is an absolute outrage.

It's more than just the water...there's a little bit of Leeds in every pint.

2:49 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

I'm hardly going to disagree with you Rich!

For those also outraged, I've created a group on Facebook. Join away!

8:18 pm  

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