Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Decanter Fine Wine Encounter

Wed 19 Nov 2008

A very quick post to let you know that on Saturday we'll be heading to the Decanter Fine Wine Encounter at London's Landmark Hotel.

I'm very excited because, not only will I be spending a day tasting wine (well, it might be half tasting, half drinking ...), but this year the show is featuring a Gold Room which is playing host to a selection of wines which won gold medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards. I've been doing plenty of research and hope to taste some really good wine!

More importantly - I plan to twitter about the experience - so, if you follow me* you'll be kept updated with what we're tasting and pictures too! It will be the ONLY thing I twitter about on Saturday so I won't be using hashtags.

Unfortunately, no mobile phone operator in the UK has cut Twitter a deal, so it's unlikely I'll be picking up too many (if any) tweets. This means that if you have something you'd like me to watch out you'll need to let me know in advance.

Of course - any readers (or twitterers) who will be at the event - please give me a shout before the end of the week.

Not really that into this whole internet mullarkey? Not a problem - as I'll round up the day next week!

*Firefox/Flock users may want to consider using the excellent TwitterFox add-on.
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