Sunday, September 07, 2008

Round Up

Sun 7 Sept 2008

Let's start off with two closures in the Leeds area. Nooshi, the noodle chain which started in Headingley and spread to Chapel Allerton and Bridgewater Place appears to have closed its doors. Either that or someone's not collecting the mail! My original (and not particularly complimentary) review has been one of Eating Leeds' most commented upon posts. At first there was a fair bit of apparent astro turfing but recently action has hotted up again with some colourful opinions being expressed. It's no surprise that it's sitting fifth in my most read pages!

Another venue which has closed is Noode on Dock Street. I never managed to eat there (despite its proximity to work) and it looks like I've missed my chance. However, the restaurant appears to be available for immediate possession so if you're a budding restaurateur it might still be worth a wander down.

While you are that side of the river, interest in Larocca, Clarence Dock's Italian restaurant, continues. In just a couple of months it's become the most visited review on this site and with the opening of the Alea Casino this Wednesday Clarence Dock might be set to become a destination.

Wednesday will also see the Leeds' regional heat for the Eggs Factor - featuring me! Expect the highs and lows to feature here on Thursday! Stress levels are certainly up and while I'm hapy with my signature dish execution, I'm now worrying it's too simple. My poached eggs seem to have a mind of their own so I just hope that one the day I keep my cool and Lady Luck is on my side! Please all do keep your fingers crossed for me ...

In Headingley on Thursday night The Bowery is hosting a wine tasting which is part of this year's Celebrate Headingley. The tasting, which starts at 7:30pm, is led by Oddbins staff and tickets are just £10. Tickets and further details are available from The Bowery, phone 0113 2242284.

Other popular reading this month has included my visit to the Oakwood Farmers' Market. This has been in no small part due to its appearance on StumbleUpon. I've been a fan of StumbleUpon but only just managed to include a Stumble button for articles on this site. Check out StumbleUpon and if you enjoy an article - do consider hitting the Stumble button and sharing it with the nearly 6 million stumblers out there! You can also follow the Eating Leeds action on Facebook, twitter, by subscribing to our RSS feed or by signing up for email updates. If there's a form of social media you think we should be involved in ... let us know!

Fleshing out the top five pages for this month are Nigel Slater's fabulous apple and blackberry cake (which just serves to remind me how long it is since I've baked a cake!) and a review of Viva Cuba.

Now ... I really MUST get back to the egg poaching!
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Blogger Katie said...

Im not overly surprised about Noode on Dock St- We made a conscious decision not to eat there beacuse it never seemed to have more than 3 people in there regardless of time/ day wich concerned us considering its location. Shame tho- its not nice to see when a business fails.

4:46 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

I'm not convinced just yet by how thriving things are south of the river although I daresay it will change over time.

Funnily enough, someone at work said they'd eaten at Noode and it just wasn't very good - the only thing she was happy to recommend were the 2-for-1 cocktails!

8:28 pm  

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