Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fingers Crossed

Tues 09 Sept 2008

Well, the last egg has been poached in preparation for the big Eggs Factor heat tomorrow morning! I had a full scale dress rehearsal last night which almost ended in tears when four out of five eggs had broken yolks! The final egg turned out to be a less than sterling example of what I can do (not to mention over cooked!), so I rushed down the shop, bought more eggs, had a relax and then produced a good poached egg! Hurrah!

I went to bed happy but still thought it prudent to have another go tonight. While not quite as pretty I'll be thrilled to produce an equivalent under pressure tomorrow.

My signature egg dish (which is gougères - I'm happy to spill the beans on that one now) has been practised over and over again as well. However, having seen press releases detailing the winning dishes from other areas I'm worried that it might be a little on the simple side. Still, it was described honestly in my original application, so the judges should be expecting simple!

The heat is taking place at the Thomas Danby College in Leeds and all the anxiety should be over by 1pm tomorrow. Of course, celebratory drinks (or just drowning disappointment in beer!) will be taking place tomorrow evening so results may not be posted here until Thursday. However, if you follow me on twitter you'll catch the news first!

Keep your fingers crossed!

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Blogger Jacob Gaffney said...

Good luck! And I really must stop reading your blogs before lunch... even in your not so eaty/foody post I get hungry... even the mention of gougères makes my stomach growl...

emm, thinking of eggs benedict now...

10:33 am  
Blogger Alex said...

Thanks Jacob ... I didn't win but at least it means I can go back to cooking things other than poached eggs & gougeres!

5:52 pm  

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