Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Tues 05 August 2008

The start of a new month and time to take stock of where things are at.

Although not related to Leeds, I was pleased to read this gem on the BBC website: Starbucks has closed 61 of its 85 Australian shops!* As you may know, I grew up in Adelaide, a city with quite a high number of Italian immigrants. This translates into a lot of very superior coffee - and if you're a visitor to the city I recommend you check out either Lucia's at the Central Market or one of the many Cibo Espressos. Frankly, Starbucks' sterile and formulaic environment and not very good coffee have never really done it for me, so I'm pretty chuffed that Australia's bucking at least one globalisation trend!

Cibo Espresso, Moseley Square, Glenelg, in winter

Closer to home, the news of the day is that Oddbins has been sold. It's all over the web today, so you'll find more information than I can offer here by googling it, but it's interesting to note that the small company (two outlets) that has bought the chain is run by Oddbins' founder's son. It will be interesting to see what changes.

And really close to home ... on Thursday 24 July the Leeds heat for the PUDZ Amateur Pudding Chef was held at Thomas Danby College. I found out about this too late to participate but the heat was won by Louise Yankovic of Chapel Allerton, who'll be heading down to London for the final in November. There's time for people in the Glasgow, Birmingham and Bristol areas to participate, but I'm sure that all of us in Yorkshire will be wishing Louise and her mixed berry shortcake tart all the best in London!

Louise Yankovic's Mixed Berry Shortcake Tart

In writing news ... by far the most popular post at the moment on Eating Leeds is our visit to Larocca. Eating Leeds got its review of this new Italian restaurant out before even the Metro! I was a little undecided ... so have you been yet? What did you think?

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*Thanks to Robert at The Wine Conversation.
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