Sunday, August 03, 2008

Farmers' Markets

Sun 03 August 2008

Back in May I wrote about my trip to the Oakwood Farmers' Market. This has become a quasi monthly fixture on the Eating Leeds calendar, helped along in no small way by the fact some friends live nearby and it's an excuse for a bit of food shopping followed by a coffee.

A Scientist in the Kitchen is hosting a farmers' market blog event, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to cover not only Oakwood (the subject of this photo montage) but other farmers' markets in Leeds.

The markets I have been known to frequent include Headingley (second Saturday of the month, the Rose Garden, on North Lane) and the Leeds' event (first and third Sunday of the month). There are also markets in many of Leeds' suburbs, including Shadwell, Chapel Allerton and Pudsey: the chances are that there's one near you, so there's no excuse not to go along. Check out West Yorkshire Food to find details on your nearest market.

You'll find that many of the stall holders will visit more than one market: Yorkshire Highlanders, for example, are at both Oakwood and Leeds (as well as other markets), as are Woodside Pick Your Own (the lovely asparagus above, and some gorgeous raspberries last month), Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese and Church View eggs. Of course, you can't visit a market with too much of a definite shopping list in mind ... but then, that's half the fun!

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