Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Eggs Factor

You may have noticed that things are a little quiet at the moment and that is partly due to the fact that, last week, I received the eggs-citing (well, it had to be done!) news that I am a in the Leeds regional final for ... the Eggs Factor!

The competition is being run by the British Egg Information Service and a series of regional heats is being held to find the Face of Eggs. Regional winners receive £500 (in itself not to be sneezed at!) and go on to compete in the national final in London where the main prize is a whopping £5000!

Clearly, this is something worth putting a smidgin of effort into! My first task will be to poach and plate an egg in 10 minutes. After this, I'll be cooking my signature egg dish (which I might keep secret!). This is complicated because we have 15 minutes preparation time, but we have only 10 minutes from receiving our eggs to plating up! Quite a tall order!

Needless to say, we're making our way through a fair few eggs at home and the practising is going ... OK. I'm a bit worried about the egg poaching, as the eggs seem to have quite a mind of their own about the extent to which they want to fall apart! At the moment I'm at a 50-50 split between 'acceptable' and 'a bit of a state'!

I'm also doing quite a lot of other cooking, and I've fitted in visits to quite a few restaurants, so as soon as I stop poaching eggs there should be something of a flood of new material ...

As a taster ... the next post will be our visit to The Mill Race in Kirkstall! Make sure you sign up for our email newsletter or our RSS feed!
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Blogger dhonig said...

COOL! Good luck.

9:06 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

Thank you!

12:00 pm  
Blogger rich (them apples) said...

Ahh, eggs. So delicious, so hard to cook really well (I can't poach eggs to save my life. Tried it all - the whole whirlpool in the pan thing, being nice to chickens, praying hard...everything. I guess you've either got it or you haven't - the very best of luck. Come back a winner.

7:30 pm  

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