Saturday, May 03, 2008

On Champagne

Sat 3 May 2008

Champagne is one of my favourite drinks. I say 'one' because I wouldn't be so bold as to be definitive (a lot of other wines may feel miffed and I apologise to all the wonderful wines made from Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc - I still really really love you, same goes for any wines from Alsace and good Riesling in general, and anything else - I'm not picky, really).

However, today I learnt a very salient lesson.

A month or so ago I mentioned that Pol Roger had released a zero dosage Champagne that was being sold in Harvey Nicks. Having recently won £60 I decided to treat myself to a bottle of this, on the premise that I've never tasted a zero dosage bubbly before and that I don't have to revise any more (and that leaves more time for drinking).

So off I went to Harvey Nicks. Past the queue outside the Espresso Bar in the Victoria Quarter, past the impossibly tanned ladies buying make up and accessories on the ground floor, past the impossibly tanned and glamorous ladies hovering around the Christian Laboutins on third and past the wannabes queuing for the ladies' loo on fourth. Just a normal Leeds on a Saturday afternoon.

And then I had a brain fail. There I was, looking impossibly tanned and glamorous (hmm, pale skinned, jeans, hiking boots, tatty t-shirt and five year old jacket) and I spotted the Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut. £44 a bottle. I bought it. I got back home and realised I'd meant to buy Pol Roger and it should have cost me £33.

The real stinger? Oddins sell Laurent Perrier Ultra Brut for £32 a bottle.

The moral: do your homework. While some things may cost the same at Harvey Nicks as at House of Fraser ... in other areas they may well be taking the mick.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Alex,
Personally I only watch wine price at 10 euros or higher.
Here is an excellent repository of reviews of sparkling wines.

12:01 pm  

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