Thursday, May 01, 2008

Marcus Wareing Does Curry - Part 2

Mon 21 April 2008

So ... finally on to the lamb chops that went with Marcus Wareing's tasty dahl. Another recipe from One Perfect Ingredient: lamb chops, Indian style.

This dish is a fantastic example of the flexible nature of the recipes in this book. Now, ideally you begin this recipe the day before - that way the lamb will soak up the flavours and the yoghurt and remain deliciously moist. But all that means is a bit of prep on a Sunday afternoon and Monday night's dinner is sorted. This is also a perfect dish for a BBQ: prep the day before, throw the chops on the BBQ as and when you're ready.

And ... it's simple.

First ... my alterations ... Because we were still missing the fennel seeds (this has since been rectified, but I doubt any recipes will call for them for months now), I substituted in coriander seeds, and I had no fresh mint. I meant to use some dried mint I had but I forgot ...

Start by heating a pan (no oil) and dry roasting equal quantities of coriander seeds, cumin seeds and peppercorns. Once roasted, grind the spices and then mix into plain yogurt. Finally, mix in a good load of chopped, fresh coriander.

Take your lamb chops and cover them with the yogurt mix. If you're in a hurry - grill straight away. If not, cover them and leave in the fridge overnight (or at least a few hours).

We grilled (basting with any left over yogurt mix), but you could easily pan fry or griddle, or slap on the BBQ. No lamb? Chicken would work just as well.

Serve with a little fresh coriander sprinkled on top, and perhaps rice and dahl.

The verdict: gorgeous!

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