Friday, April 04, 2008

Round Up

Fri 04 April 2008

Very swift round up ...

I finally made it to Further North in Chapel Allerton. This really is the North Bar's little sister ... tiny room, tiny bar (and disproportionately large loo!). The same standard of beer but a much smaller range, mainly focussing on German, Belgian and American beers in the bottle, one hand pull and Lindeboom (and a couple of others) on draught.

North picked up an honorable mention in the Observer Food Monthly's annual awards for Best Place to Drink, so if you haven't already been you should probably take the opportunity this weekend to check it out, while they're running the annual Belgian beer festival - running from 4 (that's today!) to the 18th of April. We'll be checking it out tomorrow afternoon, so stay tuned for a report!

If you're out and about in Headingley it is worth popping into Jamon in the Arndale Centre (apparently there is a sister deli in Horsforth too). Stocking all things Iberian this tiny shop also sells delicious muffins - and the huge slices of tortilla are pretty good too!

The top five articles on Eating Leeds recently are:
  1. the sausage and bean casserole (seriously, guys, it is starting to warm up!)
  2. Napa's opening and Felicini - down one spot
  3. Viva Cuba - up one spot
  4. Baked Eggs - swapped spots with Viva Cuba
  5. a simple almond cake - a new entry - and the most recent one too!
On the blog front ... check out The Boy Done Food (nice pun, took me ages to realise the last word was 'food'!).

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