Sunday, April 27, 2008

Almost There ...

Apologies for the rather sporadic nature of posts recently ... especially if you've been waiting for Marcus Wareing Does Curry Part 2, where we road test the lamb chops that went with the very successful dahl.

My excuse? The WSET Advanced exam is tomorrow. For the last month (plus) I've been on a reasonably intense revision program, which has involved an extortionate amount of paper and a fair degree of panic. I started the course worried about the tasting exam, but now I'm far more worried about the short answer section. Many of the sample questions are rather vague ...

Will I know enough? Well, I'll know the answer to that question by 12:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Normal Eating Leeds service will resume on Tuesday as Monday night will involve beer, pool and a pita from Pita on the Otley Road on my way home!
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Blogger Robert McIntosh said...

Good luck with the exam!

I think they have revamped it, and made it a little harder, since my day, but I am sure that you'll have no problem.

My advice on the short answer tests, which also applied to Diploma, is that they are not looking for great prose, nor in-depth analysis as much as a block of text that incorporates as many of the key words as possible. If vague, even better so you can bring in lots of relevant "facts". That'll do it.

Good luck anyway and let us know how it goes.

3:02 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

Thanks Robert! Full report on the exam forthcoming ... as with so many things, so much less scary in real life than it was in my mind before hand!

11:37 am  

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