Thursday, March 13, 2008

Easter at Hotel Chocolat

Thurs 13 Mar 2008

If you haven't already entered our Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg Hunt you had better chop to - as the competition ends on 18 March - that's TUESDAY! If you win, you'll bag yourself an extra thick egg, stuffed with choccies. Don't forget ... an Eating Leeds' reader will win so you stand an eggsellent chance ...

Of course, you can't leave your Easter egg buying to Lady Luck, and the chances are you'll find the perfect present at Hotel Chocolat. Last year, I was able to try out one of the extra thick eggs, and this year, the Easter Bunny came early with dark chocolate cocoa pod egg. I had a 72% dark chocolate egg, but they're available in 50% and 40% milk chocolate, as well as white chocolate and caramel chocolate. The eggs come on a little stand, wrapped in cellophane and have a cocoa pod design engraved on them (hence the name).

The great thing about these eggs is that they are just pure, unadulterated chocolate. If you're not sure about the perfect fruit or nut combination, or the appropriateness of alcohol or cream filled goodies, these are a VERY safe bet.

The eggs themselves are very thick and we had an entertaining time deciding how best to break in: we finished up unceremoniously belting the egg (still in its cellophane) on the table. It broke into decent size chunks and my tasting panel of four all agreed that it was good chocolate. Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate has a very smooth taste and no hint of the aggressive bitterness that some dark chocolate can have. We did run into one problem though ... the really thick pieces of chocolate, just how do you manage to eat them elegantly?!

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