Monday, February 25, 2008

Mother's Day

Mon 25 Feb 2008

Thanks to an early Easter we have an absolute glut of chocolate related events all close together and, after Valentine's Day, the next one out of the blocks is Mother's Day.

The nice people at Hotel Chocolat have sent me yet more chocolates (yes, it's a hard life). This time, it's a box of Just Truffles. The box contains 30 truffles, so you should have no problems persuading your mum to part with a few and share them around. A word of warning - all the truffles in the box are alcoholic so may not be suitable for everyone. Some of the truffles are marked as having a generous dash of alcohol ... and they certainly pack a punch!

There are 10 different truffles: cream and chocolate, advocaat, white champagne, café latte, tiramisu, kirsch, white rum, dark rum, calvados and cointreau. My personal favourite was the cafélatte, closely followed by the cream and chocolate. Andy rated the advocaat very highly. It's a good, broad selection of flavours - everyone's tastes should be catered for.

Now ... while you're over at Hotel Chocolat, drooling over chocolates and picking out a present for mum, it's probably also worth entering the Easter Egg competition (yes, you have to eat MORE chocolate at the end of the month). The closing date is 18 March ... and you'll need to check out the Hotel Chocolat website to crack the code and enter. As usual, an Eating Leeds reader will win a prize - one of Hotel Chocolat's Extra Thick Easter Eggs. And that one you can keep for yourself!

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