Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scores on the Doors

Thurs 24 Jan 2008

The other day while tootling around the internet I came across Scores on the Doors. This (rather scary) site is contributed to by 74 councils and gives the 'official local hygiene ratings' for over 67 000 food businesses.

Actually, you might want to think twice before checking out your favourite venue, but I've already discovered that it's brilliant for finding reasons NOT to visit certain places!

The search is a little sensitive but once you've found a venue be sure NOT to be guided by star ratings alone. One venue I searched for in Leeds scored only one star, but delving into the more detailed ratings revealed that hygiene was 'good' whereas 'structural compliance' was only 'fair' and 'confidence in management' was 'little'. Personally, I'd be more worried if the hygiene was poor but everything else was great!

Also - the ratings are all dated, so bear in mind how recent (or otherwise) the information is!

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