Monday, January 28, 2008

Round Up

Mon 28 Jan 2008

A quick round up for the end of the month ...

The bar on Millenium Square, formerly known as Cocoon (and even more formerly, Qube) has re-opened as a Wetherspoons - The Cuthbert Broderick. While the man might have influenced much of Leeds' architecture this pub will have to smarten up its ideas if it's to influence drinkers. When we popped in on Saturday afternoon it was certainly busy (and with the Ice Cube, is it any wonder?) but there were just two bar staff on and Andy's patience at the bar simply wore out.

We headed to the rebranded (again) Mr Foley's Cask Ale House (formerly Dr Okell's, more formerly Baroque). While the beers are still good, the menus are laughable - littered with spelling and factual mistakes. Though I did enjoy reading that frambozenbier is raspberries lacerated in lambic beer!

Finally, the current top five hits for Eating Leeds are:
  1. the joint review of Napa and Felicini ... up one from last time, but a recent comment suggests that Felicini may have its off nights ...
  2. down one, the sausage and bean casserole ... is it still cold and windy?
  3. the baked eggs are steady ...
  4. our visit to the city centre Viva Cuba is a new entry
  5. Kendell's Bistro makes its first appearance ... and still receiving positive comments from readers
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