Monday, January 14, 2008

PAGE 42 - soba noodles in broth

Sat 12 Jan 2008

Before Andy hit the kitchen I put together our starter, which was soba noodles in broth. This is actually a dish we've tried before (and liked) so I was pretty happy to find that the recipe was on page 42 of Cooking Japanese.

If your cupboard is stocked for Japanese cooking this truly is an easy storecupboard standby.

For the two of us, I cooked a handful of soba noodles in lightly salted water, rinsed them in cold and put them to one side.

I added a packet of dashi to about a litre of boiling water and ensured it was fully dissolved, before adding a quarter of a cup of soy sauce (yes, it sounds like a lot, but be brave). Add a tablespoon of mirin, a teaspoon of sugar and bring back to the boil.

Add the soba, ensure they're separated and serve immediately. Top with sliced spring onions and pass the shichimi togarashi. If you happen to be running short on your Japanese seven spice powder you could do worse than substitute some chilli flakes!

This is a fantastic, quick and warming soup. Load it with the noodles for more of a meal, or keep it simple as a light starter.

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