Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook

Sat 26 Jan 2008

My copy of The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook arrived on Saturday morning! The launch itself isn't until the end of February but that needn't stop everyone rushing out and buying the book NOW!

This book is important because it's the one in which MY recipe is printed. Not only that, but my recipe has two pages to itself, as it has a lovely full page photo! AND, my recipe comes with a big 'Highly Commended' (there are only about seven recipes in the book that are highly commended ... not that I counted).

So ... once you've rushed and bought the book you should head immediately to page 146 and make the Japanese-style duck breasts with aromatic rice!

Obviously, I remain dead chuffed (I spent the whole weekend muttering 'highly commended' and then bored everyone at work yesterday) and I look forward to making some of the other recipes. I'm also really looking forward to the book launch itself. Sophie Grigson was the 'consultant editor' on the book, and there are plenty of celeb contributions. I also notice that there are quite a few recipes from people based in Yorkshire!

A proper recipe test and review will be forthcoming!
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