Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Angel's Share

Tues 08 Jan 2008

I can't believe how long it's been since our last visit to Angel's Share in Chapel Allerton!

We finally managed to get back to try the stone baked pizzas from the new menu. Since we last visited, things have been rejigged a little: the middle floor is now a lounge area and the top floor is the restaurant, with the ground floor remaining the bar.

When we arrived last night it was fairly quiet: there was a small group sitting at some sofas (eating the pizzas) and a few people at the bar. Nothing too rowdy at all. The bar itself has a good range of beers on draught - including one hand pull (Leeds Brewery Best). There's a huge selection of spirits and the wine list is reasonably extensive, and not too shabby on the 'by the glass' range.

As you can eat in the bar we opted to grab a quiet spot and stay downstairs. The pizza menu runs from a margherita (£5.50) to a king prawn and garlic number (£8.50), with a bit of everything in between. While the choices do include a few standards there's also some more interesting choices available. Andy opted for The Spaniard (chorizo, Serrano ham ...) and while I was tempted by one topped with meatballs, by the char-grilled vegetable option or even by one of the spicier pizzas, I finally decided on the Serrano - Serrano ham, mascarpone, and topped with a rocket salad.

Because I was hungry I decided I also wanted some chips with chive mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce. These turned out to be quite redundant, as I was very quickly full of pizza, but the sweet chilli sauce was rather tasty and I forced myself to eat quite a few ...

The pizzas themselves were really good - thin, crispy bases, topping generous AND all the way to the edge and the salad not drowned in dressing. My only reservation would be the price. The Serrano was £7.50 and I'm not entirely sure that's not a touch too much. Having said that, unless you're particularly hungry/greedy, you're unlikely to need more than the pizza. Indeed, Andy reported in as 'still full of pizza' this morning.

I've already been asked how the pizzas compare to those at brb. I think the situation is probably level pegging in terms of quality of food, though brb's Thursday lunch deal (pizza and drink for £5.50) nudges it ahead purely in terms of price. Having said that ... the service in the bar at Angel's Share last night was fantastic. The barman who took our drink and food orders was affable and chatty - but also efficient. When our food was delivered we asked if we could order more drinks and he was more than happy to bring them over to us (mind you, I wouldn't try that trick on a Friday night!). Our table was cleared swiftly when we finished eating and there were cheery farewells all round as we ventured out into the wind and rain.

It definitely won't be a year and a half before my next visit ... if I can't enthuse Andy about a breakfast out, I might have to compromise on Sunday lunch ...

1. Angel's Share, Stainbeck Corner, Chapel Allerton, LS7 3PG, phone: 0113 307 0111
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