Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Round Up

Wed 3 Oct 2007

I've been neglectful with round-ups for no good reason. While I've mentioned the closure of the Cactus Lounge, and even eaten at its replacement, Kendell's Bistro, the restaurant scene seems a little quiet ... maybe I've been spending too much time at home!

I wandered past the old Hakuna Matata (Swinegate) yesterday ... it's been closed for ages, with no action ... but no longer - demolition work (to the interior) is in progress ... what will we be seeing as its replacement?

If you're a keen baker, you've got a few days to put together your best cake effort for the Charming Armley Cake Competition. On Saturday, cake aficionados will be gathering in Armley and judging cakes, with the overall winner having his or her cake sold at the Tiled Hall Café and The Gatehouse in Kirkstall. To be fair, I'll be there (I've been trialling new cake inventions on my workmates, so I'm bound to win!), but there are plenty of other prizes on offer and there are categories for all ages. You can pre-register online or just turn up on the day.

Finally - if you haven't already noticed the annoying flashing text above ... there are only a couple of days left to enter our Hotel Chocolat competition. Someone who has entered through Eating Leeds will win a prize and I'm sure you all know someone who'd love to receive surprise chocolates and champagne!

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