Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Charming Armley Cake Competition

Sat 6 Oct 2007

I've spent some time over the last couple of weeks inventing cakes and then trialling them on my work mates. I particularly liked my carraway seed cake and I thought my chocolate cake would have been OK had I not over cooked it, but by far and away, the most popular cake choice was my ginger cake. I'll have to post the recipe another time, but Saturday morning saw me jumping on a bus and heading off to Charlie Cake park for the Charming Armley Cake Competition.

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn't quite so big a turn out (after all, I wasn't expecting any competition!). There was a healthy queue waiting to register cakes and by 1pm the cake marquee was filling up. In all, 82 cakes were entered!

By 3pm, as judging started, the park was busy with children painting spoons and eating cake and by 4 the winners were announced. Unfortunately, from where I was standing, I couldn't hear the actual details - but I did manage to spot that my cake wasn't on the prize winning table.

Personal disappointment aside, the day appeared to be a great success. The winning cake (and cake calendar) are due to be launched at the beginning of November in the Tiled Hall Café - hopefully all cake baking participants will be invited to go and I'll be able to report back on that!

I wanted to put together a mosaic of photos but I'm not patient enough ... however, you can find some more shots on flickr!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooh, I adore anything sweet and gingery... you must post the recipe!

1:25 pm  
Blogger Emma Bearman said...

Hi Alex
Naturally you are invited to the launch, please come, and bring a crowd. THe more the merrier.
We have referenced your most excellent blog on the www.thearmleytouristboard.com website. Why not stop by for an update.
Thanks for coming!

10:36 pm  
Blogger Alex said...

Alice - don't worry - the recipe will be forthcoming!

Thanks, Jam Siren - if readers haven't already clicked through to the Armley Tourist Board site, the overall winner was Dean Spurden, with a classic Victoria sponge! I guess we should be watching out for it at the Tiled Hall Cafe from November!

6:47 pm  

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