Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spanish Omelette

Wed 11 July 2007

I'm always baffled by the various spellings of 'omelette' one finds out and about. The OED sticks with 'omelette' and since it's a French word (funnily, also spelled 'omelette') that's what we're going with henceforth.

Semantics aside, a couple of months ago I won a copy of Cupboard Love by Tom Norrington-Davies. Aside from a read when I received it it hasn't been used so it was time for a quick exercise in the new kitchen.

We decided on the Spanish omelette, pretty much because we had all the ingredients to hand. As usual, I was a little flexible with the recipe - Norrington-Davies goes a bit mad with the olive oil, and while I'm hardly one to blanch at generous use of anything fatty I'm not keen on pools of oil sloshing around my frying pan.

While I was finishing off some moving, Andy was left to scrub, slice into 5 mm slices and par boil about 6 potatoes (some Jersey Royals - the recipe asks for 4 large potatoes). When I was back in the kitchen, I finely sliced three onions and gave them a good long sweat in some olive oil. When the onions were done, I mixed them in with the potatoes.

I lightly whisked 6 eggs and then mixed the potato and onion mix into the eggs. Some more oil went into the pan and, when it was good and hot, in went the eggy mix and down went the temperature. I left the pan on the stove for about 10 minutes before putting it into the preheated oven (yes, metal handle on the pan) for about 7 (this is very precise - it was so I could try out the 'minute minder' on the oven!).

Norrington-Davies' big tip is to leave the omelette in the pan to cool for about 10 minutes before you start eating it. He says this helps to prevent sticking and he is absolutely spot on. My pan is a lovely, stainless steel, decided non-stick number, but the omelette still came out very easily.

Because I hadn't seasoned the eggs before cooking the omelette, dinner was completed with a sprinkle of salt and pepper - and then hailed a success.

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