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Fri 13 July 2007

You might have been forgiven for thinking that the vast amounts of mashed potato at the Windsor Castle might have slowed down the family eating machine, but it was not the case and Friday evening found us looking for some dinner.

After a considerable degree of indecision, some walking around and some faces verging on cross, we headed back to L'Accento, a small Italian that we'd walked past originally without even considering.

It's a small restaurant and, thanks to a group containing one rather strident woman, was also quite noisy - although we did rather suspect that it might not always be the case!

Service was efficient but friendly and the staff worked their way around our complicated order: no starters, but two starters and a main, more bread for mopping up sauces, two spoons for pudding and so on. We ordered the pumpkin ravioli with sage butter sauce, the linguine con vongole (linguine with clams and chilli) and the pan fried calf's liver.

There was a bit of disparity in the size of the two starters: there were 2 large pumpkin ravioli, swimming in their lovely sage-butter (that's one portion of extra bread then!) but the bowl of linguine was huge by comparison! The pasta was al dente, the clams were juicy and there was just the right amount of chilli. The main course calf's liver was also generous, served with plenty of spinach and loads of sauce (that's another extra portion of bread). We washed all of this down with a bottle of Gavi.

Despite the loud lady, we were tempted to go for another bottle of wine, but opted instead for coffee, two glasses of the Sicilian dessert wine and a shared afogato. Afogato is the greatest ever cheat's dessert: vanilla icecream, with espresso poured over it. In this case, the icecream was also sprinkled with crumbled amaretti, which was a fantastic addition.

We came out having spent around £30 a head, which is not mind bogglingly cheap, but also not outrageous - perhaps just a tad on the pricey side. This is not the type of place you're going to spend hours over a meal, and it may be a little noisy for a romantic meal for two, but the food is good and there's plenty of variety.

I've also had a look at quite a few user reviews on the web for the restaurant and it seems that opinion is divided. This just means you have to go along and try it out for yourself!

1. L'Accento, 16 Garway Rd, London, W2 4NH, phone: (020) 7243 2201
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