Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Birthday North!

Sun 01 July 2007

Yesterday was North's tenth birthday! We'd put in the hard yards during the week, working our way through the beer card and we nipped in yesterday afternoon to collect our goody bag and have a couple of drinks to celebrate.

The bar was busy and decorated with Belgian flags. There was even a pile of new tables, and, to accommodate the newly ostracised smokers, there was a brazier and tent in the back lane.

The goody bag was fantastic: a pork pie, a bag of pork scratchings, a bottle of Duvel and one of Anchor Steam beer, a Duvel glass, some Vedett mints and an Orval bottle opener. The bloke sitting next to us was noticeably jealous!

Friday night saw us try out a relatively new venue: Verve on Merrion Street (next to Reform). Apparently the bar is 'eating by day, rocking by night'. Andy was impressed as not only were they offering Staropramen but also Franziskaner on draft. We managed to swing a couple of seats in the large open window and actually spent the rest of the evening there. The music was good and the bar became busier as the evening wore on. Perhaps the clientele is a little more glamorous than that at some other bars, but you definitely don't have to have your best party gear on. We'll definitely be heading back - and we might even check out its day time food offerings.

1. North, 24 New Briggate, Leeds, LS1 6NU, phone: (0113) 242 4540
2. Verve, 12-16 Merrion Street, Leeds,

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