Monday, June 11, 2007

Quick French Round Up

Mon 11 June 2007

How depressing to realise that we've been back from Paris for almost a month!

Rather than an exhaustive run down of all our French eating I thought I'd opt for a quick tour of the remaining highlights.

Our hotel room rate didn't include breakfast, but Paris is a city of bakeries and we spent our mornings at Patisserie Thierry Landry on rue du Temple. Their suédois au fromage et jambon was delicious: a double decker ham and cheese flatbread sandwich that has some non-obvious Swedish connection. I went for sensible breakfast options: a croissant and the world's largest palmier. With coffees, our breakfasts came out averaging around €10 for the two of us - whereas breakfast at the hotel would have been €8 each!

On a slightly more savoury note, a very big tick goes to le bar rouge at Galeries Lafayette. We ordered a cheese platter (€10) to share and a couple of glasses of wine: this is a very civilised way to spend an hour or two in the afternoon. The cheese platter was generous and delicious, and this surprise experience was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend.

Galeries Lafayette seems to have its finger on some good pulses. While waiting for the RoissyBus to head back to sunny Leeds we stopped at L'Archicafé and I indulged in a very expensive (€5) chocolat chaud. It was also the single most sinful thing I've ever eaten. I think it was just melted chocolate. Maybe mixed with some cream. Served piping hot, with some milk.

Most surreal dining moment in Paris was, without a doubt, dinner on our final night at Kiccho, a Japanese restaurant on rue de la Verrerie. We ordered the biggest set menu (€48 for 2 people) and scoffed ourselves on salad, miso soup, a huge plate of sushi and sashimi, grilled fish and chicken AND dessert. In a totally uncharacteristic move, I ate so much I felt sick afterwards. But it was worth it.

1. Thierry Landry, 180 rue Temple, 75003, Paris, phone: 01 42 72 19 81
2. Le Bar Rouge, Galeries Lafayette, Blvd Haussmann
3. L'Archicafé, Galeries Lafayette, Blvd Haussmann
4. Kiccho, 11 rue de la Verrerie, 75004, 01 42 72 53 71
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