Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chilli Crusted Steak

I recently took up the offer of a super cheap 3 month subscription to Olive. In fact, it turned out to be cheaper than I expected, because I thought it was 3 issues for £1 each, when it was actually 3 issues for £1 all up.

First recipe into the domestic kitchen was chilli-crusted steak with mustard mash. I'm not sure how much of a recipe you really need for this type of thing, but we did follow it and had a very pleasant, quick meal.

For the steak: combine breadcrumbs with some olive oil, chilli flakes to taste, and some chopped chives and parsley. This will be the topping.

For the mash, boil up your potatoes and then mash, adding in butter, milk and wholegrain mustard, again to taste.

The recipe said to use rump but we used sirloin. Heat the griddle, and cook the steak on both sides, before adding the topping (pat it down so it sits nicely) and popping into a 180C oven, to finish off the cooking and crisp up the topping. We served with roast carrots, parsnips and sweet potato.

We drank a bottle of Chateau Continel Elixir 2001, from Fronton (£9.99 from Hoults). This turned out to be quite a find. The wine is made from, predominantly, the négrette grape, something I haven't tried before. Although the wine did need a good decant and breathe, it had lovely leather and tobacco notes on the nose and followed these up with a very meaty palate. It was quite soft on the tannins but had good structure and moderate length. It was quite a hit and went well with the steak.

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