Monday, June 25, 2007

Carnforth Station

Sat 23 June 2007

No, this hasn't turned into a train spotting site ... Saturday afternoon saw us with almost an hour to kill at Carnforth Station. This station is best known for its role in a film, Brief Encounter. One of the platforms retains some 1940s charm and the other is an inspired piece of concrete architecturalism (or something - it's a big block of concrete and really quite nasty).

Fortunately, the platform that's nice has a proper refreshment room and after two hours on a train from Leeds, refreshments were in order. My expectations weren't particularly high - I was expecting a cup of tea and a biscuit, but there were two cakes to choose from as well as the world's largest flapjacks. Andy had a flapjack and I opted for a slice of orange and poppy seed cake. We sat down with our tea, cakes and newspapers and proceeded to while away our hour.

The huge flapjack was delicious: rich, buttery, golden syrupy and so sweet you could almost feel the sugar crystals as you munched through it. The cake was a similar success: not an overly risen, fluffy, no substance shop-like entity, but a proper piece of cake: crumbly with a good crunch on the poppy seeds and flecks of orange rind throughout.

All this for a whole £4.50 for the two of us. Bargain.

The Refreshment Room, Carnforth railway station, Warton Road, Carnforth, Lancs, LA5 9TR, phone: 01524 732 432

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