Thursday, May 31, 2007

Quick Round Up

Thurs 31 May 2007

A quick note that Threshers are yet again offering money off - this time 30% off all bubblies! I think their normal deal is 20% off any 3 bottles of sparkling wine, so this represents a saving all round. As usual, fill out the voucher and take it in ...

I feel like I've hardly been in Leeds the last few weeks, although I do feel compelled to note that, as I was wandering down Boar Lane at about half past 5 on a Wednesday morning, I noticed that there was a Greggs van pulled up outside Baked. I've had a quick scout around the internet but haven't found anything to confirm or deny they're part of the same group ... does anyone know for sure?

I've also had my first experience of Nando's since 2001. I was ... underwhelmed.

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