Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Aubergine and Onion Salad

Sat 3 Feb 2007

Some friends over for dinner on Saturday night prompted something akin to a kitchen frenzy. My feet have recovered from all the standing but my hands are covered in tiny scratches ...

Our starter was to be toad in the hole. I didn't want to make gravy to go with it, as I was planning on serving gravy with the roast loin of pork for main course. What to do? I really wanted something quite refreshing, to go with the stodgy, warming mix of batter and sausage ... and came up with the idea of serving this roasted aubergine salad. The recipe (in proper recipe format) appears in the latest Australian Gourmet Traveller.

I had to be a bit creative, as I didn't actually have everything that I thought I did have ... but nonetheless, the outcome was excellent. You could serve this dish with loads of things - naturally, since Australia is enjoying summer, it would go really well with a BBQ, but it's just as at home on the dinner table.

The other good thing about this salad is that you prepare it in parts, and mix just before serving. This means you can get yourself well and truly organised.

First, take an aubergine. Cube the aubergine, sprinkle with olive oil, salt, pepper and garam masala (the original recipe used ground cumin, but I only had whole and couldn't be bothered grinding!). Roast the aubergine at 160C for about an hour. Allow to cool.

Roughly quarter some red onions, and saute off in some olive oil, with some bruised cloves of garlic. When soft, add some more garam masala (or ground cumin) - about a teaspoon, a pinch of cinnamon, and chilli flakes to taste. The original recipe does call for ginger - but you guessed it, there was none to be found in fridge! Cook this off, and then add a splash of water and allow the scant sauce to thicken. Allow to cool.

You are now more or less done. When you are ready to serve, mix the aubergine and onion mix together. Top with crumbled goats cheese (I used chevre, but feta would work just as well), and dress with olive oil and chopped coriander (OK - the original recipe asked for mint - but apparently mint is unprocurable in Leeds on Saturday).

It's delicious - and with all that veg, no doubt it's very good for you too!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good old GT Australia. All of you who have it, don't forget to try the cover recipe, the zucchini and fetta and roast baby truss tomato tart. It's so brilliant that even the most zealous carnivore could be converted by it - or at least abstain from meat for one meal!

11:51 am  

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