Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bradford International Market

Sun 27 Aug 2006

After raving in last week's news roundup about the Bradford International Market Festival, I've left it rather a long time to do a wrap up ... but here goes.

The market was held slap bang in the city centre and I was instantly impressed by how expansive it was. Most of the shops appeared to be closed and the streets were packed full of stalls and pedestrian traffic.

The range of stalls was a bit surreal ... from organic bread from London's Borough Market (you may have heard of it!), to German beer and salami, to sweeties, and - er, all kinds of random stuff that might have looked a bit more at home in Albert Square ...

We did actually exercise a bit of control - and rather than buying one of everything we managed to sample some garlic salami, French goat's cheese with ash rind, and a big quarter of organic sourdough, which came from Flour Power. This was a tiny, tiny fraction of what we could have bought - Morecame Bay potted shrimp? wild boar? more bread and cheese? more salami?

The amount of food available to eat was also impressive - for lunch we had some delicious samosas (2 for a whole £1.70, spicy and not greasy at all) and some venison and stuffing pies - washed down with a pint of Paulaner in the sunshine. A perfect way to round off summer!

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Blogger Denzylle said...

In the last couple of days, your blog has skewed all the way over to the left. I read on Explorer.

10:48 am  
Blogger Alex said...

Thanks Denzylle - I'll have a look into this and try to sort it out!

11:49 am  
Blogger Denzylle said...

It's fine now. Thanks for fixing it.

I enjoy your blog. I'm in London, but orginally from Lancashire (17 years) and Kendal (12 years).

11:00 am  

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